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CrossFit Games 2021: What are you looking forward to?

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The CrossFit Games 2021 are on the horizon, and many of the participants are incredibly excited. Along with the usual CrossFit Games competitions like those for men, there will also be events for women. We have all heard about the women's competition, the Pegboard contest, the Cutting system, and Reebok's equipment, but do you know what to expect? Read on to find out more. For the latest news on CrossFit, don't miss the CrossFit news site!

Competition for women

The 2021 Crossfit Games' women's competition started this morning with the swim race. Jonne Koski and Tia-Clair Toomey Orr won the first event. Koski was the overall champion after she maintained her lead throughout. Tall and Eramoo O'Connell came in second and third, respectively. It was the women's first event in the Games and the women's side was hoping to complete the podium.

The women's competition features top-level female athletes. The field comprises nine athletes, one of whom is a teenager who won the competition in Australia last summer. Kara Saunders, an Australian athlete who finished second in Australia in the team division and eleventh overall in 2020 is another contender. Andrea Nisler is another rising star. She competed in the team category in 2018 and placed third in the United States, and 15th overall in 2020. Aside from these athletes, the Women’s competition will also include a newcomer, Sara Sigmundsdottir, an Icelandan competitor, who won first place at the World Crossfit Games earlier.

Pegboard contest

Pegboard competition at Crossfit Games 2021 was the first. It was added to Crossfit Games' summer Olympic program alongside double-unders & dumbbell overhead Squats. With 30 wins, Toomey-Orr holds the record for the most Games events won. Sager won Event 11 for men and earned his third win of the Games. Although there were many ties, Toomey-Orr's dominance wasn't enough to prevent him from winning the contest.

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CrossFit Games athletes train by focusing on ten core physical skills: strength, flexibility and speed. Pegboard is a contest that tests competitor's grip strength as well as coordination. Competitors hold two wooden pegs between each hand and compete to win. The competition was fierce and the athletes felt a sense accomplishment after finishing the Pegboard.

System of cutting

The CrossFit Games will once again employ a cutting system for the individual competition. The cuts are not as severe as those used in past Games but they are still very different. It consists of 15 events so 30 athletes could be reduced after the seventh and eighth events. The question is: How will CrossFit adjust points after cuts? The scoring table used to determine the winners in the 2019 games was very similar to the one used to determine the losers in 2021. This is why it's most likely that the current system will be used.

This year's CrossFit Games field includes 236 athletes. It is the largest ever. The six first events lead to major cuts. The field then drops to 75 athletes. To determine the top ten, the top 30 athletes compete in a sprint tandem. From there, the top twenty athletes compete in the six remaining events. Castro's system has been criticized by veterans Games athletes who feel that the cuts are too significant.

Reebok's equipment

Reebok recently announced new CrossFit Games equipment, including clothing and shoes. The new shoes are the Nano X1. They are built to accommodate multiple fitness needs. Reebok claims this shoe is "the shoe that will fit all your fitness needs," but it's more like a regular training shoe. DuPont's Kevlar fabric is used for the upper, which promotes breathability and durability. The shoes' responsiveness is enhanced thanks to the RopePro tech and the firm midsole.

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CrossFit and Reebok's partnership will end in 2020. Reebok sponsored the Games for more a decade. Now, it is obvious that the company will lessen its involvement. The company won't fund the Games' prize purse, but will continue to make all of the athletic apparel and equipment worn by athletes, including the new Reebok gear. The company will no longer call itself the "Reebok CrossFit Game", as it currently does.

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CrossFit Games 2021: What are you looking forward to?